After a bunch of years laboring away in the local blues scene, Annie began to branch out and broaden her sound. She was at the convergence of talent, experience and an R&B/neo-soul resurgence. She’s a talented woman who is finally getting her due. Mack is the classic diva. She shifts effortlessly from a Mavis Staples gospel to MoTown soul to a Koko Taylor growl. Her four piece band is rock solid and is the frame for the lady in the middle. It’s old school. And old school is still a school because, done right, it’s powerful stuff. She’s powerful stuff.”

Twin Cities Media Net

Creating in the Midst of Chaos. Moving Forward with recording EP "Testify"

I needed to create something powerful, honest and healing for myself and others--a kind of love letter to Black women

 Mack began the recording process in February 2020, teaming up with producer Matt Patrick (Jeremy Messersmith, Reina del Cid, Cory Wong) at The Library Studio in her hometown of Minneapolis. Forced to take a break when COVID hit, they returned to the studio in late spring. 

“I decided to go into the studio after George Floyd was Murdered. Matt Patrick and I had already started pre-production.  This was my defiance to murder and death being used to silence and to instill fear in black people.” Mack says. “The protests were happening just miles away and the city was in the process of healing. Our work took on an even more purposeful intention--to create something strong and beautiful and Black from Minnesota.

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