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"Testify" EP Out NOW!!

Her new EP, "Testify,"  confirms Mack's status as Minnesota's heir to the Mavis Staples throne. The five-song collection takes a Hwy. 61-like tour through her blues, gospel and Americana music influences with her personal baggage in the back seat adding weight to the resilient lyrics.

Chris Riemenschneider

Star Tribune

Acclaimed blues singer Annie Mack releases her powerful new single "Shadows of a Kingdom" on October 23. A taste of what's to come on her new EP Testify (coming out January 29, 2021), the song is a love letter to Black women and is influenced by the music she grew up listening to in Minneapolis--folk, pop, rock and gospel. 

A personal song, "Shadows of a Kingdom" was written for her daughter Grace. "Two years ago my daughter was fighting for her life, for her voice to be heard," Mack says. "No matter how much I loved her and wanted to go through it for her, this was her journey and beast to kill. And she did. She is strong and resilient and moves with purpose." 

Written from the perspective of a Black woman, this song gives voices to defining moments that all women experience and can use to step into their power and sovereignty. As Mack says, "It ain't easy being Queen in the shadows of a kingdom, trying to turn water to wine. Hoping and praying that it's not all in vain. It's just a matter of time."

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